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Replacement Parts for Exposed 1/2" Thermostatic Valve Assembly

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Maintenance Service Pack

Your premium thermostatic shower system contains a sophisticated thermostatic cartridge and components that over time experience wear and tear, corrosion, and build up of mineral deposits which impair their proper functioning.

To ensure continued safe and enjoyable use of your thermostatic shower system, we recommend servicing it about every 15 years. You should replace the thermostatic cartridge, volume control cartridge, both check valves, and both neoprene O rings.

We have assembled these parts into one pack for your convenience. Click the image for details.

1/2" Exposed Thermostatic 20 Point Cartridge


1/2" Exposed Thermostatic 32 Point Cartridge


1/2" Thermostatic Temperature Control Lever 20 Point


Volume Control Cartridge 20 Point


Standard Ceramic Lever 20 Point


Elbow for Exposed Thermostatic Valve


Replacement Parts


1/2" Exposed Thermostatic Cartridge

1/2" Exposed Volume Control Cartridge 88.30.195

Other Parts

1/2" Thermostatic Temperature Control Lever 88.01.216

Standard 20 Point Ceramic Lever 88.01.208

Wall Flange 88.12.208

Hexagon Escutcheon 88.03.200

Check Valve 88.30.104

1/2" Compression Nut 88.12.228

Elbow 88.12.224

1/2" Valve Nut 88-30-262

1/2" Brass Ferrule 88.12.240

Adapter Bushing 88.30.261

Support Information

Installation Instructions

Thermostatic Cartridge Calibration Instructions

Thermostatic Cartridge Replacement Tip To replace the thermostatic cartridge, you will need to remove the brass holding nut using a 1-9/32" socket or stem wrench.