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Italian Handmade Farmhouse Ceramic Sink

SAVE $750

Retail Price: $1,500

Your Price: $749


Luxuriously Curvaceous Lavatory Faucet

SAVE $279

Retail Price: from $1,395

Your Price: from $1,116


Italian Kitchen Faucet with Magnetic Connector

SAVE $300

Retail Price: from $1,199

Your Price: from $899

Clean Fresh-Tasting Water with No Hard Water Scale

Household water can contain hazardous heavy metals, harmful chemicals, pathogenic microorganisms, and minerals that form limescale which destroys clothes, faucets, shower systems, and home appliances. Our state-of-the-art whole house water filtration systems solve these hazards.

Finest Finishes

Our faucets, shower systems, and accessories are offered in over 25 of the finest American metal finishes and coatings ranging from chrome finishes to powder coated finishes, to PVD (physical vapor deposition) finishes, to hand-polished finishes.

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