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Thermostatic Shower Systems

Thermostatic shower systems are the most luxurious and safest shower systems available. They utilize a sophisticated thermostatic valve which dynamically mixes hot and cold water to maintain the water temperature to a set temperature. Thermostatic shower systems may be calibrated to set the water temperature range and maximum water temperature.

Thermostatic shower systems provide comfort and safety, because they maintain the water temperature to a preset temperature, even if there is a sudden decrease in the cold water pressure, to prevent very hot water from scalding your skin.

Our thermostatic shower systems are made of solid brass, incorporate world-class thermostatic valves and cartridges, and finished with the finest American metal coatings and hand-polished metal finishes.

We offer a variety of luxury exposed and concealed thermostatic shower systems. Exposed thermostatic shower systems have the valve and piping outside the wall so that they are visible. Concealed thermostatic shower systems have their valve and piping hidden within the wall.

Key Benefits of Our Thermostatic Shower Systems

  • Safety and Convenience: Automatically mix hot and cold water to maintain water temperature to your desired temperature. Dynamically blend hot and cold water to prevent hot water from scalding your skin.
  • Luxury and Beauty: Beautifully crafted and finished to serve as a centerpiece of your luxurious bathroom.
  • Precision Performance: Precisely engineered and manufactured for smooth and precise operation.