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About Thermostatic Shower Systems

What is a thermostatic shower system?

The word “thermostatic” means “same temperature.” A thermostatic shower system utilizes a sophisticated mixing valve cartridge to mix hot water and cold water to maintain a preset water temperature.

A thermostatic shower system

Exposed and Concealed Thermostatic Shower Systems

Exposed thermostatic shower systems have their valve and many of their components outside the wall so that they are exposed and visible. Concealed thermostatic shower systems have their valve and many of their components inside the wall and thereby concealed.

What is the benefit of a thermostatic shower system?

Thermostatic shower systems provide comfort and safety, because they maintain the water temperature to a preset temperature, even if there is a sudden decrease in the cold water pressure, to prevent scalding from excessively hot water.

How does a thermostatic shower system work?

Thermostatic shower systems have a water volume control and a water temperature control. The water volume control is used to control how much water flows. The temperature control is used to set the desired water temperature.

A thermostatic cartridge within a thermostatic shower system dynamically mixes hot water with cold water to automatically ensure a constant, safe, and comfortable water temperature. It does this as follows:

  1. Cold water and hot water enter the thermostatic cartridge and are dynamically mixed.
  2. Constant water temperature is achieved by a component within the thermostatic cartridge that works like a thermostat. It dynamically adjusts and mixes hot and cold water, based on variations in water temperature, to automatically maintain the water temperature constant. 
  3. A second component within the thermostatic cartridge constantly monitors the water temperature. It dynamically adjusts in less than 2 seconds within 3℉ of the set temperature, when supply pressure fluctuates (such as when the cold water pressure suddenly decreases when a nearby toilet is flushed). It increases the amount of cold water that is mixed with hot water, so that the temperature of the water flowing from the shower head remains constant. 

Thermostatic Cartridges

How do you adjust the water temperature on a thermostatic shower system?

Thermostatic shower systems have a temperature control handle and a temperature indicator dial. To adjust the water temperature, turn the control handle to the desired temperature setting on the temperature dial.

Are there different sizes of thermostatic shower systems?

Our thermostatic shower systems are available in 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch size. The 3/4 inch thermostatic shower systems produce a greater water volume and accommodate larger shower heads.

What characteristics should you look for when buying a thermostatic shower system?

You should choose a thermostatic shower system that:

  • Is made from sturdy solid brass components (rather than cheaper metals or plastic).
  • Automatically adjusts the cold water volume, if the cold water volume decreases, to prevent scalding.
  • Is precisely engineered and manufactured.
  • Incorporates a precisely-machined, high-performance valve and thermostatic cartridge.
  • Features a very fine metal coating or hand-polished metal finish.
  • Is certified to meet or exceed industry and sanitary standards.
  • Has removable parts so it can be serviced and maintained.

Our thermostatic shower systems satisfy all of the above stringent requirements.