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ScaleStop Plus Water Filtration Systems

Clean, Healthy Water Throughout Your House with No Destructive Hard Water Scale

Water is essential for your life and lifestyle. You use it every day for drinking, cooking, and washing yourself. You also use it daily for washing your dishes and clothes, and many other practical uses.

Typical household water can contain pathogenic microorganisms, harmful chemicals and metals, and hard water minerals that are unhealthy for you and destructive to your clothes, plumbing fixtures, and home appliances.

Our state-of-the-art ScaleStop Plus whole-house water filtration systems eliminate the constituents of household water that are harmful and destructive. They filter the water supply as it enters your home, giving you cleaner, healthier water everywhere in your home while preventing hard water scale from marring surfaces and destroying plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Key Benefits to You and Your Home

  • Remove 99.9%+ of all soluble lead, mercury, copper, and other dissolved metals from the water that you drink, wash your food with, and wash yourself with
  • Provides you and your family with healthy, clean, and safe water with improved taste
  • Removes chlorine while retaining beneficial minerals
  • Enables soap to rinse away from your skin and prevents dry skin
  • Prevents build up of lime scale that dulls surfaces and damages water pipes, hot water heaters, appliances, faucets, and shower systems, shower stalls, surfaces, glassware, dishes, cookware, and clothes.
  • Retains luster and beauty of faucets and shower systems
  • Sparkling glassware free of streaks and residue, spot-free dishes, cleaner silverware
  • Extends the life of all appliances, fixtures, and components through which water flows.
  • Makes water-using appliances perform better and use less energy.
  • Gradually removes existing scale build up within pipes and appliances.

Non-Chemical Solution for Your Hard Water Problems

Our advanced Next ScaleStop™ water filtration systems filter the water in your entire house so it is clean and healthy. They condition the water to prevent hard water scale from damaging your hair, skin, clothes, dishware, glassware, faucets, shower systems, appliances, pipes, and hot water heaters.

Unlike conventional salt-using water softeners, our water filtration systems use a physical process that uses no salts, no chemicals, no electricity, and creates no waste water. And the filtered water tastes better and is healthier to drink and to bathe with.

Better Than Salt-Using Water Softeners

  • No salts
  • No chemicals
  • No electricity
  • No waste water