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Replacement Parts for Wall Lavatory Faucet with Cross Handle

Wall Lavatory Faucet with Cross Handle


Replacement Parts

Refer to the parts diagram below to identify the replacement parts that you need.


Hot Cartridge

Cold Cartridge

Hot and Cold Cartridge Bundle


1/2" Lavatory Valve Cold 20 Point

1/2" Lavatory Valve Hot 20 Point


Ceramic Hot Button with Ring 88.01.200

Ceramic Cold Button with Ring 88.01.201


Cross Handle Hot 88.01.202

Cross Handle Cold 88.01.203

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Parts Diagram

Handle Parts

How to Install Cross Handle

To replace the button on top of the handle or to replace a cartridge, you will need to remove the existing button with metal ring on top of the faucet handle.

Removing the existing button on top of the faucet handle and replacing it with a new button with metal ring is not obvious. You will need to use rubber gloves with a good grip to unscrew and remove the existing metal ring atop the handle. Then screw on the new button with metal ring. The video below demonstrates how to change the button.

Replacing Spout Tip and Aerator

To remove the existing metal spout tip, wear a rubber glove for a strong grip, then turn the tip of the spout counterclockwise, as shown in this video.

Finding Parts

We can help you find the parts that you need. Call, text message, or email us photos of what you need. Please provide the age of your faucet and your contact information.