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What Our Customers are Saying

What Our Customers are Saying

I chose ScaleStop Plus and their dual tank system for my home. It’s made an amazing difference. I’m so glad I made the best decision for my home and family.

John Zlomak, Owner of Saber Plumbing

Del Mar, California

We were upgrading our hot water systems in our homes when we found ScaleStop Plus. It is the best option in the market and it’s truly what we needed for our home.

Bob and Pam Buie

Rancho Santa Fe, California

We are all enjoying the new bathroom so much, and I can see a difference in the water already, literally see, in the upstairs toilet. (I don’t know why being at the end of the line meant it was dirtier, but…), the dishes feel cleaner was the thing that surprised me the most. My hair feels cleaner. I always drink the water filtered, so I haven’t noticed a taste difference yet, except, in brushing my teeth, which seems nicer, but the kids when they drank it thought it tasted weird. It is disgusting that they are so used to dirty water that it tastes weird to them! Anyways, I am so happy with it, I will never live in a house in so cal again without a filtration system. I guess I will be even happier after the technician flushes the water heaters.


San Diego, California