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3/4" Exposed Thermostatic Cartridge 88.30.301 (replaced with 88.30.326)

  • $390.00

Coventry Brassworks Limited 3/4" Exposed Thermostatic Cartridge 88.30.301

    This cartridge has been replaced with a new and improved model: 3/4"Exposed 950 Thermostatic Cartridge 20 Point 88.30.326.

    Product 88.30.301 (replaced by 88.30.326)

    You will receive the improved model.

    This brass thermostatic cartridge is part of a mixing valve that mixes hot and cold water to achieve a desired water temperature. It prevents very hot water from scalding your skin.

      For Coventry Brassworks Limited:

      Exposed 3/4" Thermostatic Valve Assembly

      Ships in 1 to 2 business days.